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YTY - Association for Managers and Professionals 

Private sector managers, professionals and senior salaried employees, YTY is your very own organisation for benefits and services.

YTY membership is based on job status, not education or industry. The educational background of our members varies from school leaver to postgraduate degree level. Most members hold commercial college graduate, business IT specialist, technician and M.Sc. qualifications. Economists, engineers, BBA graduates and jurists are organised in their own specialist unions.

Our members work in a wide range of sectors, including the technology industries, ICT, finance, real estate, transport and trade, and general industry.

As a member of YTY you will enjoy individual service from an organisation that defends your interests and provides excellent member benefits for a fixed monthly subscription.

It pays to belong to the union

Joining YTY is an important step in defending your own interests. Status alone is no guarantee of job security in the modern world. Employers are organised, and so their workforce should also benefit from collective strength. YTY already represents over 10 400 members, and can in turn call on the organisational support of the Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff (YTN) and the Confederation of Unions for Professional and Managerial Staff in Finland (Akava).

Bosses change, businesses are bought and sold, careers move on and duties evolve. You can head off future difficulties by such simple measures as consulting YTY about the details of your employment contract, or studying our printed guidelines and online database concerning terms and conditions of service. If you have any further questions, then we can put you directly in touch with our labour law specialist.

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