YTY Scholarship fund

YTY - Association for Managers and Professionals has announced that scholarship fund grants supporting academic research and publications in connection with supervisor work, expert work or the vocational organization of senior staff are open for application.

Grants are primarily intended for YTY’s members and members of YTY’s member associations. The maximum size of an individual grant is EUR 5,000. The maximum amount of annual grants is EUR 15,000. Publications can be supported against actual expenses.

How to apply for the scholarship?

The scholarship application period is now open until September 30, 2023. You can apply for the scholarship by filling the scholarship application. Please attach your CV and research plan/purpose of use and estimate of expenses.

Your research plan must include also

  • Name of research and topic
  • Educational institution and name of research supervisor
  • Background and aims
  • Current stage of the research
  • Plan for completion of the research
  • Estimate of expenses, which include the use of the sum applied for and the total financing of the project

Delivery of the application

Your application must be delivered within the application period, latest on Sep 30th.

  • Either by e-mail: to with the “YTY Scholarship fund” in the subject field
  • Or by post to the address: YTY - Association for Managers and Professionals / Scholarship fund, Ratavartijankatu 2 00520 Helsinki

YTY’s board decides the distribution of grants on the basis of the applications. All applicants will be informed whether their application has been successful. Awarded grants will be paid when the recipient of the grant has returned an approved written report on the achieved results or a statement of the expenses to be compensated. Up to half of a grant of over EUR 500 can pay for expenses against a statement before the completion of a report. Grant money must be used at the latest within three years from the award. After this the grant decision is no longer valid. 

The recipients of grants are published on YTY’s website, in the YTY magazine and in the annual report. YTY has the right to publish information relating to the research and its results in its member communications.

Further information:

Heidi Salonen, Communications Manager at YTY
phone (09) 2510 1335.