Insurance benefits

The YTY membership fee includes the following insurance:

  • leisure time accident insurance (trade union insurance)
  • leisure time traveller’s insurance (trade union insurance)
  • legal expenses and liability insurance covering employment disputes

All members of YTY are covered under the leisure time accident and traveller’s insurance policies provided by If P&C Insurance Company Ltd, included in the membership fee. The insurance cover is tied to the YTY membership. If a member resigns or the membership is terminated by the trade union, the insurance cover expires with immediate effect. The insurance covers those members who live in Finland permanently for more than six months of the year, have permanent residence status in Finland, and who are within the scope of the Finnish Sickness Insurance Act. The valid insurance policy can be maintained through YTY until the end of the year during which the member reaches the age of 68.

The insurance number is 201-2054942. Your YTY membership card also acts as an insurance card. We advise you to store it in your wallet.

More detailed information on insurance policies is available via If’s service number +358 10 19 19 21, Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm.

Leisure time accident insurance

The insurance coverage applies to accidents that occur during leisure time, unless covered by law. The insurance does not include a daily allowance. More details about the insurance policy are provided in the insurance terms and conditions. Unlike under the general terms and conditions, the beneficiaries of accident insurances taken out by YTY are always the insured person’s relatives.

The sums insured under the accident insurance:

  • medical expenses arising from an accident: 5 420 euros (100 € deductible)
  • compensation for permanent disability: 38 620 euros
  • compensation payable upon death: 9 382 euros.

Traveller’s insurance

The cover is valid for no longer than 45 days from the onset of an individual domestic or international journey during leisure time. Children under 20 years of age travelling with a parent who is insured are covered by the parent’s insurance, but only by one insurance policy at a time. The insurance provides the children with the same cover as the member. In addition, the compensation payable upon death arising from an accident is 2 000 euros, and the compensation for permanent disability arising from an accident is 10 000 euros. The insurance cover includes an exclusion concerning sports activities, in compliance with the insurance terms and conditions. The exclusion cannot be removed.

Expenses arising from sickness during a journey are compensated up to a maximum period of 90 days from the appointment with a doctor, and medical expenses arising from an accident are compensated up to three years from the occurrence of the accident. The medical expenses covered by the insurance are listed in the terms and conditions.

If a sickness existing prior to the journey unexpectedly worsens during the journey, only medical expenses arising from treatment in the nature of first aid provided at the travel destination will be compensated for a maximum period of one week. Further details about the exclusions are provided in the insurance terms and conditions.

Traveller’s insurance also covers expenses arising from the cancellation or curtailment of a journey and from being late for a journey. The insured is entitled to compensation for an interrupted journey on the basis of being admitted to hospital for treatment of sickness during a journey, for example. The cancellation or curtailment of a journey or being late for a journey must result from a compelling reason, as listed in the insurance terms and conditions.

Legal expenses insurance

The legal expenses and liability insurance is primarily designed to provide support in disputes arising from the termination of an employment relationship. Applying the insurance cover requires that YTY's legal adviser first reviews the dispute case, analyses the legal situation, and finds out if settling the matter is possible. Quite commonly, a reasonable solution to the matter is found at this stage.
However, if the dispute cannot be resolved through negotiations or otherwise, and the member's claim for compensation is justified, YTY will make its decision about supporting the legal expenses claim on the basis of the legal adviser’s report.

The insurance cover will take effect once the insured person has been a member of YTY for six months. In other words, when an insured event occurs, the prerequisite for the event to be compensated under the insurance is that the insured person has been a member of YTY for at least six months. However, no waiting period is applied if the member has transferred their membership directly to YTY from another trade union. Furthermore, if the YTY membership has lasted less than two years at the time of the origin of the dispute, the event on which the dispute is based must also have occurred during the validity of the membership.

Insurance cover

The sums insured are:

  • bodily injuries and property damage: 84 000 euros
  • legal claims: 5 000 euros

However, in cases for which the member uses a legal adviser appointed by YTY, the sum insured is 17 000 euros.

Insurance terms and conditions

The general terms and conditions for the liability and legal expense insurance for professionals (313 and 413) and the general terms and conditions for agreements (900.1) of If P&C Insurance Company Ltd are applied to the insurance policy. The full terms and conditions are available at every If Property and Casualty Insurance office.

This is not a complete account of the content of the liability and legal expenses insurance for professionals. We advise you to read the insurance terms and conditions listed above.

More detailed information on the scope and application of insurance cover pertaining to legal expenses insurance is provided by YTY’s legal team and the liability department of If Property and Casualty Insurance, tel. +358 10 19 19 21.

Other insurance benefits provided by If to YTY members

Group Sampo Primus

Group Sampo Primus life and accident insurance is a membership benefit intended for YTY members and their families. The insurance cover is granted by Kaleva Mutual Insurance Company.

Benefits of Group Sampo Primus:

  • easy to purchase; if you are healthy and able to work, you can take out the insurance by signing a health declaration
  • YTY-specific discount of up to 50%
  • choose the most suitable insurance cover option for you, from a range of covers and sums insured
  • children’s accident insurance is available for about 2-3 euros per month, for under 18 years-old without sports-related exclusions

By purchasing all your insurance from If, you also gain valuable benefits that help you save money, such as discounts on insurance premiums. Loyal customer discounts for trade union customers are as high as 16%.

Further information on loyal customer insurance policies and the benefits for trade union customers are available (in Finnish) at, or by calling +358 10 19 19 21 (in English, local network charge/mobile phone charge), or from your nearest If office.