Services and benefits


YTY members receive substantial benefits and discounts on insurances at If and Kaleva YTY membership fee includes the following insurance:

  • leisure time accident insurance (trade union insurance)
  • leisure time traveller’s insurance (trade union insurance)
  • legal expenses and liability insurance covering employment disputes

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Holiday homes for renting

YTY owns three high standard holiday residences that may be leased by members throughout the year. Read more

Personal career coaching


As YTY member you have the possibility for 2 personal coaching sessions (à 30 min) provided by Urapalvelut. Personal career coaching is a confidential conversation with the career coach. In these conversations, you can focus on your career dreams and goals, your professional profile, and different opportunities that interest you. You can choose the theme and coach according to your needs. Coaching is done remotely via phone or Skype voice/video call at your chosen time.

Examples of coaching session themes

  • Job search documents (cover letter and CV)
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Finding information on jobs
  • Identifying your own skills

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When you sign in the career portal, choose language in English.


KEHU (Finnish for praise) is a completely free service available to everyone, in which you can send, receive and collect positive feedback. The service is personal, and the content you add is not visible to others. A link to KEHU.

Rekryboosteri (CareerBoost) - Boost your job search!

CareerBoost is a digital jobseeking and interaction community provided by nine different unions belonging to Akava, Confederation of Unions for Professional and Managerial Staff in Finland. CareerBoost is a 6-week training program including peer meetings and workshops with other job seekers,  meetings with career coach/specialist and most importantantly, working independently. Every training week has a new theme with tips and practices to boost your job search.

In the CareerBoost, you can crystallize your competence spearheads and enhance your job seeking skills in the Finnish labor market. Peer groups help you identify and talk about your own expertise and find hidden employment opportunities. The group also helps to create and grow a network and to remain motivated through your job seeking project.

Currently, CareerBoost and all the documents related to job seeking are in Finnish.

Who can attend and when?

The next groups in the CareerBoost will start as of September 5, 2022. The enrollment will start in August. To enroll in the group, you have to be registered as an unemployed job seeker. The CareerBoost is free of charge and you can attend it online. Read more (in Finnish)


Momentum provides high-quality career services for highly educated job seekers and university students in Northern Finland.

A variety of high-quality webinars about job seeking, career planning and working life skills will be provided during the project years. The webinar lectures deal with issues like proactive job seeking, creating impressive job applications and CVs, making a good impression on job interviews, using LinkedIn efficiently in Job Hunting etc. A link to Momentum.

Other benefits and services for members

Member+ service

The service brings together all the membership benefits for working life and leisure that are available at YTY members in Finland and Akava.The benefits include wellness, sports, travel, online shops, and audiobook services.

Travel and holiday benefits

Tallink Silja
The TallinkSilja shipping line provides varying special offers for leisure travel every month.

YTY members may join Club One free of charge, and are admitted directly to the intermediate Silver level of the programme. You may register and provide your contact details online at (Finnish language only). If you are already a member of Club One, then your current membership number will remain unchanged. Simply send e-mail to specifying your union (YTY) and the customer number 9057.Formore information at

For timetables and reservations:
Club One, tel. +358 60 015 268 (EUR 1,75 per call + local/mobile call charge)

Viking Line
Viking Line provides up to 20 % discount from the current rate for the following cruises:
• Helsinki-Stockholm-Helsinki, service code FKKRY.  Discount form cabins LYX, LXR, B2X, A2L, A2D, B2T ja B4F
• Turku- Stockholm-Turku 24h cruise, service code FKKRY
• Helsinki-Tallinn-Helsinki day cruise, service code FKKRYD

Bookings through, travel agencies or by phone 0600-41577.

Eckerö Line
Eckerö Line member discount is 10-20 % from current price. The price depends on departure date and time and time of booking.
Bookings only through with code JARJ22