YTY contact information

Tel. 09 2510 1310
Opening hours Mon-Fri.8.30 a.m.- 4 p.m
Address: Rautatieläisenkatu 6, 00520 Helsinki (visit address: Kellosilta 7)

Connections to YTY's office

Helsinki region transport


Mats Nyman

Executive director, YTY
050 328 1236

general management, public affairs, salary advice


Member service

Pekka Potinkara

Organisation manager
Tel. 09 2510 1330

member service team supervisor, membership validity and membership fees

Tiina Lappalainen

Member secretary
Tel. 09 2510 1310

membership services, membership fees and member matters

Heidi Salonen

Communications manager
Tel 09 2510 1335

communication, career services, membership training, member survey

Raino Nieminen

Executive director, Professional Coaches of Finland (SAVAL)
Tel. 09 2510 1375, Mobile: 040 533 2987

Employment related legal service for members

Our lawyers phone advice is available from Monday to Friday at 8.30 -12.00.
Contact information: tel. +358 9 2510 1350, email:

  • making and interpreting an employment contract
  • the impact of collective agreements
  • grounds for terminating employment and investigating whether they are lawful 
  • non-disclosure and restraint of trade clauses
  • other employment issues  
  • unemployment issues

The Unemployment fund for highly educated – KOKO

Please find contact information in here.

  • Earnings-related allowance for unemployment
  • Mobility allowance
  • Restriction on receiving daily allowance
  • Suspension period
  • Temporary lay-off or labour market measures 

Read more about KOKO fund
Instructions for unemployed