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The IAET unemployment fund insures YTY members, providing earnings-related benefit in the event of loss of work or lay-off.

Membership and employment condition

If you lose your job or become laid off, the unemployment fund will pay you earnings related unemployment allowance, if both the membership condition and the employment condition are fulfilled. The membership condition means that you have to have been a member of the fund for at least 6 months before becoming unemployed. The employment condition means that you have been in paid, social insurance-covered employment, for 26 calendar weeks during the 28 months immediately preceding unemployment.

If you are an entrepreneur, or you or your family members own shares of the company you work for this could effect to your rights to unemployment benefits.

More information about unemployment benefit


If you lose your job or become laid off 

For detailed instructions, please visit www.iaet.fi

  1. Register as an unemployed jobseeker online at www.te-services.fi no later than on your first day of unemployment or lay-off. Unemployment is not considered to have begun until the day on which you register as an unemployed jobseeker. Please check the validity of your jobseeker status with your local Employment and Economic Development Office immediately after registering online. Allowance can only be paid for the period of being registered as a jobseeker.

    It is recommended that you register as soon as you unemployment begins even if you are not eligible for earnings-related allowance due to a severance package, since you will lose your right to earnings-related allowance if you are absent from the labor market for more than 6 months without an acceptable reason.

  2. Apply for earnings-related allowance
    Send your first application to IAET-kassa through eAsiointi after 2 weeks of unemployment/ lay-off. Attach to your application all necessary attachments. Please note that you have to apply for earnings-related allowance within 3 months from the date you wish it to be paid. If you are laid-off, always fill full calendar weeks (Mon-Sun) to the application.

  3. Send continuing application
    Continuing applications must be filled for at least 4 calendar weeks or a month. Send the continuing application to IAET-kassa even if you haven't received a decision on your first application yet.

  4. Update your contact information
    You can update your contact information in eAsiointi. If the handler of your application needs more information to handle your application, they will primarily contact you by e-mail.

  5.  Follow the handling situation of your application
    Sending all needed attachments to IAET-kassa on time quicken handling time of your application. You can follow the handling situation on the section Payment Status, and see your own application's information on eAsiointi and if needed, supplement it.

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